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We are a global

game company

We are a global game company with a young and dynamic team of real gamers. We make our projects by using our own gamer experiences and researching current player requests in a detailed way. Your opinions are cared here, because we are gamers too! If you haven't joined our Discord channel yet, come say "hi!".

We work on the gameplay in detail and always aim to produce embodiments of fun and satisfaction. The most entertaining parts from the current themes of the game world are carefully extracted and blended them harmoniously into our work. We believe that we fill an important gap in the gaming world with the innovative and brave side of us. Just like ContractVille, we aim to announce many more large-scale and entertaining projects.

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Pushing against limits, thinking outside the box and resetting ideas of what is possible is in MYM’s DNA. What we aim is transforming and redefining the entertainment industry. In this environment, every one of our employees has room to grow.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

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